How can you reduce costs during the product development stage?
How can you reduce costs during the product development stage?

How can you reduce costs during the product development stage?

Product development can be a costly affair. At R2Pro we are often approached by (start-up) entrepreneurs with a limited budget. In this article we want to share with you a few helpful tips on how to develop a good product while still being able to save on the production budget.

Don’t get distracted (a clear focus):

Be clear about what you want to create in advance! Naturally it has to appeal to the end users. However, you do not have to put in every idea and function that you can imagine. What is the customer waiting for and what separates your product from the rest of the market? There is strength in simplifying and that will save money immediately.

Test crucial components independently and in advance:

Often you will be unsure about a number of components: Will this work technically? Does it connect with the target audience, and will people understand the product? Can we use it in the limited space we have? Is it able to handle the user conditions? Make sure to test these aspects in advance by building components. This way you can make changes easily and introduce it to the redesign of the end product, knowing that this component will work. You won’t have to design your entire product again just because one component doesn’t function properly.

Make use of the many existing components (many may already be available):

On the current market you find many working components already. Try to fit these into your design. You won’t just save in development and test costs. Perhaps it’s not entirely what you’re looking for but we definitely recommend looking into it. If it isn’t there, then maybe there are suppliers who have designed similar components before and have run through all the possible risks involved already.

Involve suppliers:

A lot of parties have experience with design and even more that have specialized in the production of a specific part. These parties have extensive knowledge of the production process and more often than not employ engineers or employees in charge of production preparation. By contacting them at an early stage you can save yourself a lot of detailed groundwork in drawings and schematics. Some parties may even be able to spread the design costs to future deliveries.

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