This is how we handle product development!

We develop new, sustainable products according to the R2Pro method:
from dream to product in 6 steps.


DREAM of new products

Are you looking for a new product idea or do you already have one?
A new product always starts with a dream. What’s yours? Do you dream about a revolutionary improvement or a brilliant new solution? Or are you looking for the dream of your target audience? We at R2Pro share in your dream and will help you realize that dream.

LEARN about the real demands

Time to ask questions. First of all, we would like to learn [from you] as much as possible. What do your clients want? What problems do they encounter? What would they be willing to pay for a solution? And what do you want? As a company, what requirements do you want your product to meet and what does the government demand? Is your idea feasible? And is it original enough?

R2Pro will compile all the answers into a complete list of program requirements. Your new product shall need to meet all of these.

THINK of new innovative solutions

And now it’s time for brainstorming. Together with you, the experts, and the users. To create solutions, develop models and evaluate them. As long as it takes to get the best solution: your product concept.

DESIGN your dream product

The best designers will translate your concept into a real, working prototype. Of course we’re going to test it – and have it tested – extensively. And we’ll take care of everything surrounding it: patents, production methods, packaging, etc.

PREPARE your sustainable production

You know exactly what you want to create so now we are going to find people who can make it. In close consultation with you we’ll select the best suppliers for every part of your product. It is our job to make sure that all parties collaborate and remain focused on the goal: your sustainable end product. This way you’ll make sure you can give your customer exactly what makes them happy. As soon as the production process has been optimized you are ready for the last step.

SELL the product that will help your organisation grow

Et VOILA! There you have it, your new product. Ready to take the market by storm. We can make sure you’ll always have a steady supply. With one single phone call! Or would you rather take care of the production yourself? Even then you can count on the expertise of R2Pro.