With the hEyeway of the Rotterdam Ophthalmic Institute (ROI) photos and videos of the eye can be made and shared. An adapter has been developed for this so that an iPhone can be connected to the slit lamp in order to safely visualize the eye. This technology in combination with an app makes it possible to provide in-depth knowledge on site to both patients and colleagues. A picture often says more than a thousand words.


The company: ROI

The Rotterdam Ophthalmic Institute (ROI) is the scientific research institute of the Rotterdam Eye Hospital. The Rotterdam Eye Hospital has a long tradition in scientific research, whereby the ROI is actually involved in its implementation.


The ROI works closely with the ophthalmologists of the Rotterdam Eye Hospital. In this way, the Rotterdam Eye Hospital ensures a professional research structure in order to be assured of further innovation in ophthalmology in the future.

The product: hEyeway

The hEyeway is a simple and secure platform to take and share photos and videos taken with a slit lamp. This is an optical tool to visualize the eye. The specially developed adapter is designed to connect an iPhone to the slit lamp. The ophthalmologist can then use a specially developed app to take photos and videos of the eye and share them with patients and colleagues.

Cameras that can be connected to a slit lamp already exist. Due to the high costs, this was not desirable and the wish was expressed to investigate whether such an idea could be developed at a budget-friendly price.

ROI and R2Pro

R2Pro was asked how a 3D print could be translated into a serial product quickly and at an acceptable cost.

Making a design that can also be made in smaller series at a limited cost and without investing in molds.
Testing in eye hospital
Carrying out production
Preparation of CE file for this medical product (class I)


Rotterdam ophthalmic institute




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