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Early detection of eye disorders is very important to limit further deterioration of the eye. Unfortunately, some chronic eye conditions are still discovered too late, and examination into them is experienced as unpleasant. Until now. The EasyScan eye exam solves this – eye conditions can be found easily and through a very user-friendly experience. Under the guidance of R2Pro the production of the EasyScan was started and a company-wide quality system was established.

The company: Easyscan BV

EasyScan BV evolved from i-Optics - the original company that developed the EasyScan. They deliver solutions tailored to the needs of opticians and optometrists evolving in a rapidly changing and competitive environment.

The product: Easyscan

With the eye exam of the EasyScan, eye conditions such as AMD, diabetic retinopathy and glaucoma can be easily found. Not only can deviations be detected at a very early stage, this is also done through a very customer-friendly experience.

The EasyScan takes a picture of the retina. Conventional retinal imaging devices require the client to be instilled before use. This causes the pupils to open wide. However, it limits visibility for a few hours, making it impossible to drive a car. The special feature of the technique in the EasyScan is that the client does not need to be instilled. The examination with the EasyScan is therefore experienced as very user-friendly!

Easyscan and R2Pro

R2Pro became involved with EasyScan when the product was only in its first prototype version. Under the leadership of R2Pro, the translation was made from prototype to producible medical device. This included all quality processes for product and company, as well as design improvements and selection of production partners.


easy scan




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