Role at R2Pro:  Design & Engineering

Experience:  10 years in product development

Specialty:  Design, Engineering, aesthetics, functional design

Education:  TU Delft Industrial product design, Integrated product design

Stefan Breedveld

Design is a term often used for aesthetics or design. For me as a designer, this goes much deeper. I try to fuse beauty in all its facets in the products I work on. The way something is made, the way the light reflects, the way you touch something as a user, everything with the idea of radiating quality. The pursuit of a high quality product for everyone who interacts with the product, from producer to end user.

I always try to get my inspiration from the child I used to be, watching science fiction like Star Wars, Jurassic Park and Back to the future. Here you saw design, technology, science and fantasy in the most diverse versions. A vision of a whole world, this is how I always look at a project.

“Good design is striving for perfection, even where you don't see it at first sight.”

I am mainly responsible for visualizing and coming up with solutions for the end customer. From the first sketch on paper to the most detailed drawing for production, they all bear my signature. My activities vary from functional design, technical design to aesthetics and design within all the projects we have. 

A varied amount of projects in different industries makes the life of a designer very varied. I can work on a coffee machine in the morning and work on an operating chair in the afternoon. Every type of project has its challenges and that is why I work at R2Pro. Here I get the opportunity to unleash my vision and expertise on the various projects that come along.