Role at R2PRO:  CEO, project manager

Experience:  32 years in product development

Specialty:  Electrical, Management, Product solutions

Education:  HTS Electronica, post HBO Business Administration

Henry Rodenburgh

Lego, meccano, electronic experiment boxes… As a child I always wanted to know how things worked and make things myself. This interest soon turned into wanting to really understand and therefore being able to design myself. After decades, this passion for designing and new techniques still drives me and the curiosity now focuses on the application!


How can I use all these years of experience to make a product succeed in all its aspects? From feasibility in the beginning to production and optimal use at the end? My drive to pay attention to every aspect is almost obsessive but I love this complexity! I get satisfaction from a satisfied end user and a customer who is happy with the revenue model behind the product.

“I love to make a business grow, accelerating growth by the implementation of innovation.”

Over the years I have grown from designing software and electronics myself into a project leader of large multidisciplinary development projects for a variety of markets (laboratory, medical, agro, semiconductor). I have been head development and quality management at a company focused on development and assembly for many years.