Role at R2Pro:  User researcher & interaction designer

Experience:  7 years in product development

Specialty:  User research, ergonomics & UX design

Education:  TU Delft Industrial design engineering, Design for interaction

Denise van Bavel

As a UX designer I map out what the end users want from a product and I design for these needs. I go to users, ask them questions, observe what they do and listen to their story. This is how I learn from the users what a design should entail, and I translate many different opinions and wishes into one clear list of requirements. Not from the technical side, but from the human side.


That human side has always intrigued me – when making my study choice, psychology was therefore on the 2e place. Yet the desire for creativity and technology prevailed. Preferably used for people where a real difference can be made, such as in healthcare. Where someone's life can actually be improved through design.

“Actually improving someone's life through a design, that's what I do it for.”

And R2Pro fits in very well with that – here we ensure that beautiful life-changing ideas are actually made, and go where they make a difference – to the users.